Agreement about planning, organising and conducting the future “International Military Academic Forum (iMAF)” starting with iMAF-2014, in a multinational cooperation among following officer education institutes:
General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military Academy of the Land Forces Wroclaw – Poland
National University of Public Service Budapest – Hungary
Nicolae Balcescu Land Forces Academy Sibiu – Romania
Theresan Military Academy Wiener Neustadt – Austria
University of Defence Brno – Czech Republic
In order to deepen and strengthen the existing cooperation in officer education the above mentioned officer education institutions decided and agreed that starting with 2014 they will plan, organise and conduct, the so far from the Theresan Military Academy Wiener Neustadt – Austria organised iMAF in REICHENAU/Rax, in a close multinational cooperation.
§ 1  Aim and purpose of iMAF
§ 1 (1) iMAF, as a scientific military forum shall be an institutional annual discussion and working platform among officers` education and training, for the organising institutions and for invited partner institutions, military academies, military universities and organisations dealing with officers` education.
§ 1 (2) iMAF shall be focused on creating and deepening a “European Security and Defence Culture”, as well as assuring the best achievable level of education and training for officer cadets, young officers and officers for dealing with future challenges.
§ 1 (3) In doing so, iMAF therefore shall promote and support the “ERASMUS Lifelong learning circle” in officers` education and training as well as the "European initiative for the exchange of young officers inspired by Erasmus", - an efficient cooperation in education of our future elites, for the realisation and consolidation of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) regardless of their nationality or their armed forces.
§ 2  Guidelines and principals for organising iMAF
§ 2 (1) The name “International Military Academic Forum” with the abbreviation “iMAF” and the main slogan “Towards a European Security and Defence Culture” shall remain as a meanwhile known “trademark”.
§ 2 (2) iMAF shall be an annual event in spring/summer, hosted and led by one of the above mentioned partners, planned, organised and conducted in close cooperation and focused directly on the above mentioned aim and purpose.
§ 2 (3) At the end of the current iMAF the leading and hosting institution for the following iMAF as well as the period of time shall be announced.
& 2 (4) iMAF shall be focused on bringing together the working level of institutions dealing with officer education.
§ 2 (5) The content and “subtitle” for the next iMAF shall be negotiated and decided by the partners latest until the Line of Development 7 (LoD 7) meeting in Brno in autumn the year before.
§ 2 (6) A temporary cooperation partner for planning, organising and conducting iMAF is up to the decision of the leading and hosting institution; the other partners shall be informed about that as early as possible. An enlargement of permanently cooperation partners has to be negotiated and agreed among the signing partner institutions.
§ 2 (7) The duration of iMAF shall ensure the funding by e.g. Erasmus for those members and participants who hold an Erasmus Charta and shall therefore always take care of that.
§ 2 (8) To ensure the aim and purpose, iMAF shall be open for the invitation and participation of partner institutions, military academies, military universities and organisations dealing with officers` education. The number of invited participants depends on the general conditions of the location where iMAF takes place. The aim shall be the participation of about 80 participants.
§ 2 (9) iMAF shall not be overloaded with programme it shall provide periods and space for bilateral negotiation and coordination.
§ 2 (10) Hand over/take-over of the web based iMAF-platform shall be negotiated between the previous and following iMAF leading and hosting institution.
§ 2 (11) iMAF side events shall create agreeable conditions for coming together. Each of these events shall have a national character and shall therefore be hosted by the respective cooperation partner.
§2 (12) If possible, officer cadets and/or students with mobility/exchange experiences shall be included into iMAF.